Meet Len and Ness as they meet each other! WELCOME TO REMARKABLE WOMEN!!!

Len's expectations aren't quite met when she sees an unexpected side of her new roommate, Ness.

Ness comes clean about why she's a freaking disaster. Len responds by murdering Ness. Jk.

Len’s problem draws Ness into her house-of-horrors, and Ness tests a new mantra.

Ness is sick. Len is sick. At least they're sick together. Will they get better within the next 4 minutes?

It's Cleaning Day! Ness encourages Len to #mariekondo the house. It's all fun and games until tragedy strikes.

Welcome to Week 1 of this totally improvised, slice-of-life series within the series where Len and Ness play Dress-up as some truly Remarkable Women. This week, they are "Marge and Fran" from Pittsburgh, PA.
If you watch this episode, the odds are 2/3rds above average, according to theory x - y/7, that your day will be invariably improved by 1 million %.

No imaginary reputations are safe from Len and Ness' Dress-Up Personas!

Len and Ness play dress-up at an absurd lunch. It's all wigs and grapes until somebody gets hurt.
Len and Ness find the magic spot where the Internet is supposed to work (Shout-out, Episode 1), but it will take more than tech support to grant these awkward buddies access. Get ready for FEELINGS!!!
BLOOPERS AND WHOOPSIES! OOPSIES AND FLUBS! MIX-EM-UPS AND BOING-DOINGS!! See the journey of Episodes 1-11 before the final episode. We love you. Like and share.
Len and Ness are revisited by a bad memory, but could their friendship turn things around? Could they even learn something? Something about Movin' On, perhaps? Find out in the final episode of Remarkable Women!